Pics for an 88 scirocco.

[88 Rocco]

[New ITB manifold]

Ignition outputs

Injection outputs

Sensor inputs

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Old Info

Here are two layouts. (can you upload the pics to FileArea and correct links ? The link seems to be gone!)

I'll have to create new ones.

Im using the fuel injection system

and the DummyIgnition

This shows the vehicle wiring mods


This shows connecting the GenBoard up


The question of the day is what is the output pin for DummyIgnition?

Marcell's answer

On GenBoard v2.2 the same output as used for DocsAndFAQ/EDISFAQ? (but EDIS requires different config.ign_out setting, of course), namely the MISC output, controlled from PORTB7 (inverted by a 800mA NPN). This is determined by ign_activate() in edis.c, defaults are IGN_PORT=PORTB IGN_DDR=DDRB and IGN_OUT=7 and can be overriden with my_make. Look at the setup of the old boys, eg: MembersPage/ChrisGerhardt

Translated for the non-enigneers's:

You have to change the type of output from the EDIS type to a type that will drive the Bosch 008 module.

the MISC output is mapped to pin 12 on the DB37 connector ie the SAW for the EDIS.

The output driver type is set in edis.h to be




These valuse can be changed in mymake so when you compile the firmware its set to the new output type for




Newest additions.

Assuming that a hack is made for a WOT output.

it will drive a relay either switched ground or Switched 12v.

That relay at WOT will trigger the Nitrous system. ( 1 fuel, 1 nitrous solenoid )also as a quick addition, I got a water injection system from a member of the Scirocco list, and Brett my racing buddy thought, you know what else will work for water injection? The cold start valve. Excellent. Its got plumbed into the homebrew Home Depot intake. Remember Im on a budget, and out of time. -- pics -- cold start being mounted It got epoxied in