After mastering(well close) the V2.2 Genboard I have upgraded to the V3.1. The truck is now running quiet well using V3.1. Below is a picture of my beater:


My combination is as follows:

Chevrolet 408 cid V8

  • I am using the existing ingition amp. The amp is wired with Signal(DB37 pin12), VCC, GND, and a 270ohm resistor between VCC and Signal. After some searching I found that this is a typical GM module that Edelbrock packaged "nicely" in Edlebrock case. The module fires on falling edge and does not control dwell time. I am using MSAVR for that.

I will also try to keep some notes on how things go and the most recent emails I am working through on the MembersPage/ChrisGerhardt/ChrisNotes page.

My current config, tables, my_make can be found here: