Location: Skellefteċ, Sweden

Current projects of my own

a Volvo 242 -75, very ugly car, with a upgraded B21ET engine

and a Fiat Uno 1.3 Turbo, also some upgrades to this.

MembersPage/EmilLarsson/BuyList - I didnt remember all small parts when i made the order. Here is a list of updates.


MembersPage/EmilLarsson/LsMustang - Mustang with LS1 Turbo

MembersPage/EmilLarsson/TheBeast - Ford Thunderbird, powerful twin turbo v8 race car



MembersPage/EmilLarsson/DemoCar - Volvo 740 Turbo -85 with a -96 engine. (B230FK)

Customer cars:

MembersPage/EmilLarsson/TjoffesVolvo? - Volvo 244, Holset HX40 turbo, MSD 1000cc injectors

MembersPage/EmilLarsson/MikaelBMW - Bmw E30 325, garret T3/T4 turbo



Emil, Please stop using megaloader.exe you currently have

It can be identified by its size 225K. Instead use this one:

As it works and does not screw-up the config download. It is also smaller (76K) and faster when downloading. It WILL make you more attractive to Women too ;o)

For Sir's Pleasure