Got a good deal on a volvo 740 turbo,

current modifications

Only a larger intercooler from a 850R

estimated power 220-240 hp


Get a stock ECU that fits the connector, and kill it to make an adapter harness

Trigger is a auditrigger-style, counting the starter gear and a crankhome pin. No hall sensor

This seems to be supported by InputTrigger/AudiTrigger configuration, with changed another_trigger_tooth (but same tooth_wheel settings)

  • no cam hall on this car. as written on top of the page
  • since some HALL sensors pull down their outputs to GND when they see ferromagnetic metal in the shutter => higher magnetism (such as B field > 6 milliTesla). This is common for unipolar sensors.
  • other HALL sensors (such as the factory audi HALL that goes with the 135-tooth engine) pulls down the output when it sees air

Ignition outputs and settings

wasted spark or 4 COP coils ?

A: Distributor to start with.

If wasted spark, the ignition does NOT require to mask out every 2nd crankhome VR with the cam-HALL.

to match the setup this engine.

Will have to postpone installation to some day later this week.