Problematic car with strange ignition problem

Trigger is 24 on crank, 1 on cam (48+1), c048.wav applies.

Trigger log (with 1.1.77) says all entrys besides first is ratio 1.0

first problem was too low cranking rpm (~120 rpm), that is fixed, now cranking at 190 rpm with plugs installed, at this moment all plugs are out and strobe light are installed, 3 out of 4 outputs in h[2] is flashing simultaneously, one is not flashing at all

config file:

the config file here has h[2] reset to 00 because crap was injected in my saved file, config is tested with stepper out (h2=38 68 58 48 38 68 58 48 iirc)

c048 works with auditrigger divby3 (reduced to 16 teeth, another_triggertooth=2, tooth width=45 degrees):

[this vemscfg] was not started from the above. When I started from above LS1_notworking.vemscfg, I got sparkangle jumping (cause not yet identified).

With auditrigger, it is allowed that secondarytrigger sometimes comes 1 primarytrigger tooth late. (if the tooth-position ever changes, it's actually good for sectrig to hit the earlier tooth in all sessions, and tune to that).

With standard coil type the sectrig "racing" with primtrig (changing relative position) is not allowed. Since with a 15 degree gap it is very difficult to get the sectrig pulse (chosen edge) right in the middle of 2 primtrig tooth (+-7.5 degrees away), and make sure it is always between the same teeth with the camdrive sloppyness, the auditrigger setup seems more appropriate.


Engine is now running

Corruption in config had sneaked in, vemstune didn't catch that ignchmax=77 when it was supposed to be 07 (drop down in VT still showed correct)

the LS1 makes a nice noise with a single 75 mm turbo!