This is a highly experimental application where its not the responsibility of the controller developers if any claims on this page are Functional or Even Harmfull to your Motor

Warning Electrolysis Gas is Highly Combustible - Shock DANGER !

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Technological Approaches:

See WaterInjection for basic application of water in Turbo Charged Gasoline Powered ICE.

Given sufficient amounts of Hydrogen - Hydrogen can be used as the only combustible.

GoBox/WaterCarLinks shows various examples in which people claim to run their cars on the products of electrolysis; whether this can be achieved without any other energy source in a sustainable fashion is to be seen but will likely never be published (People fear repression from Governmental/Capitalist Superstructures that benefit too much from 'consumption'). This would depend on the challenge to be able to invent a Electrolysis technology (GoBox/Electrolysis) so efficient that some people would talk about Over-Unity. Maybe it is not necessary some people imply that there is more energy in water than today’s formulas account for - Who Knows? We continue to experiment because it is a simple fact that a significant percentage of Fuel can be replaced. When we get to the point that the motor runs virtually cold we know that we have reached significant improvements. Today ICE are numerically more efficient as heaters than as mechanical power sources!?

Hydrogen may have one important difference to GoBox/HydroCarbons in its combustion - that is the molarity is reduced when 2H2 + O2 form 2H2O (3->2). Hydro-Carbon generally is a larger molecule that is broken up and combined with air to form CO2 and H2O which produces a potentially larger number of moles than initially.

Considering the ideal Gas Formula PV = nRT Hydrogen may initially implode (n= number of moles reducing) . In both cases (hydrogen and HydroCarbon) heat is produced (T = temperature rises). This puts out the work in the expansion stroke.

Especially Hydrogen may benefit from Supercharging technology (see Ford Model [http://evworld.com/view.cfm?section=article&storyid=481 U}).

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