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Project Description GoBox Universal Motor Controller

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Objective of the GoBox Interest Group and our project is to develop technology drastically reducing energy or fuel consumption of motors used in flexible duty applications such as vehicles.

Goal is to define systems and electronic control solutions relatively universally applicable to the challenge to drive vehicles efficiently. The vehicles may use Internal combustion engines or hybrid configurations with generation and electic motors all with the prime objective to run with minimal amounts of Combustibles such as thise listed in GoBox/HydroCarbons.

Some of us are inspired by the reports of people running their vehicles on Water (GoBox/WaterCar -> Daniel Dingel, Gareth Carburetor) recycling the majority of this water and achieving incredibly low 'consumption' at that.

The Watercar challenge is based on very little factual or scientific information and therefore leaves much to be established in experimentation!

Please help defining the GoBox/TargetSpecifications to be accommodating to the variety of challenges, cost-effective and provide flexible sufficient capabilities. In order to control cost and allow for faster design cycles during the initial prototype/experimentation stages we are planning a modular concept consisting in a GoBox/LogicModule? (LM) that can accept a number of standardized GoBox/PowerModule? (PM) and GoBox/SensingModule? (SM)(see GoBox/TargetSpecifications).

Talent Needed

Currently we most need People to Enter Schematic and Pad stack symbols see more in GoBox/DevelopmentTasks.

Also if you can help establishing a relatively simple short circuit protected Power FET driver output scheme and prove it by test and simulation inform about it here: GoBox/SchematicPCB

Targeted Applications

The Electric vehicle/hybrid drive is a new aspect to be integrated in the GoBox design specifications. Please Collaborate Here GoBox/HybridDrive? !

Please check out the VEMS GenBoard which is prepared for electronic fuel injected vehicles, but may also support carbureted engines. Even specialties like water injection may be supported. To investigate benefits of exhaust recirculation, possibly including HV Ion Separation go to GoBox/ExhaustRecirculation.

GoBox/FPGA: We are hoping to join forces with the GenBoard Initiative creating a version that replaces the Microcontroller with a technologically superior Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA).

Most other aspects of the Hardware and Software can be shared.


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