== GoBox Abstract ==

Eventually we may want to measure, contain and control small amounts of energy in harmonic Mechanical, Chemical and Electrodynamic Energy Storage and conversion media. This may include but is not limited to: Superconductive Generators and Motors , Electrolysis, Injectors, Misters, Ultrasound, Plasma, IonSense, Voltammetry, thermodynamic electromagnetic acceleration, electric heat-pumps, ICE, etc.

It is clear to see that sometimes we may want to be able to make intelligent choices in sub microsecond, if not under 10^-7 or -8 seconds response-time.

We have all the intention to also reach into all aspects of Electrodynamic Hybrid Drive and Brake Energy reclaiming.

The by GenBoard-Developers Suggested Serial (eventually optical?) Interface is a brilliant way to do distributed compatible systems out of Open source Generic Components.

Of course the GoBox can have a multitude of other interesting applications, such as Renewable Energy Source Charge Controller/Power Managers.

==== GoBox Detailed Specification of Technical Features and Capabilities ====

Look at GoBox/ComponentList for further details on the chosen implementation.

Find Libraries, Schematics and PCB data at GoBox/SchematicPCB (soon to be released)

Logic Module (LM) Features:

Power Module (PM) Features:

Modular FET Driver with Short Circuit Protection and Current/Voltage measurement/feedback

Direct Current measurement using: Plate Voltage Feedback

Plate Voltage DAC control (for Voltammetry : useful to deduct chemical makeup of Electrolysis Water)

Programmable Switching Power Supply Driver

The IgnitionModule?:

The need to handle the reactive coils and higher voltages for IonSense and possibly also Plasma Spark designate this to be a separate component.

It will be collaboration and aiming at reusability of the IgnitionModule? with different ECU.

Question remains will it have its own processor or only minimal logic to transmit serially data and synchronization pulses.

Sensing Modules (SM) Features:

Standardized Module Interface: