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Q. How do I connect an LCD module to the MS-AVR?

A. see GenBoard/BuildProcedures/LCDconnect or the old

(or see lcd.h and lcd.c) for connections.

Q. Where can I buy an LCD module at a reasonable price?

A. In the USA try:

A. In USA or Canada

A. Also:

A. a 44780 compatible 4x40 [Noritake VFD] (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) for $40(on ebay). They retail for close to $160. This, IMHO, is the best display option when power is abundant.

A. Add your favorite supplier here....

Q. What do I need to put into firmware/my_make to make the LCD work?

You need to put


MY_CONF += -D LCD_4x16

or appropriate (eg. LCD_4x20)

into my_make before compiling.

The my_make file must be beside the megasquirt.c file (copy it from doc/),

in cvs it is intentionally not at it's right place, since it contains your own customizations.

Q. how is [megaview ] related to the LCD display?

A. megaview is a standalone display with it's own microcontroller that understands the megatune protocol (therefor reserves the RS232 port). It costs more (labor and money) than connecting the LCD directly to MS-AVR, and it can display much less info. However it uses the same hd44780 alphanumeric display type (either LCD, VFD or other), maybe their site contains useful information on where you can get such a display for reasonable cost.

Found nice surplus [displays] in Sweden ... under negotiation to get them for the WebShop.

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