This page is not very useful. See the WebShop or the relevant schematic.

Bill Of Materials

For GenBoard v3.x there is no "official" BOM. If you really want to assemble yourself, see the schematic and maybe generate the BOM yourself. But you'll have hard time getting some of the components, especially if you want one or two. Easier and cheaper to get a mintested board (see GenBoard/VerThree/Testing) from the WebShop. Why not spend your time on planning (drawing, writing, eg. on a wiki page from MembersPage) your engine-modifications? If you come up with nice descriptions and drawings (maybe photos) of how GenBoard fits/will fit into your application, you'll get a contributor's discount, which means you get the board for less than you could just get the components in small quantities - with much hunting.

GenBoard/VerTwo BOM - nothing more than history

This is old information, for GenBoard v2.2.

Part # Quantity Device Generic #


IC1 1x Max232ECSE or 232EESE Max232 (narrow soic or 'D' package)

IC2 1x LM2937ET-5.0 or LM2940-5V (1A)

IC3 1x MC34151P or IXD1404PI

IC4 1x L293B or L293D-NE

IC5 1x ATMEGA128-16AI ATMega128

OK1 1x 4N25 or 4N35 (higher gain)

MAP 1x MPX4250AP Pressure Transducer (oval unit w/ vacuum port)


T1,T2 2x IRFZ34N

T3,T4,T8 3x TIP42C or BD244 (TO220 45..100 V PNP transistor)

T5,T6,Q4, Q10-12 6x 2N2222A (small 1-1.5A throughhole NPN transistor)

Q6-9 4x BC817-40 SM


D1-3,D12,D14-16, D21-29,D31-33 19x 1N4004

D5, D34 2x 1N4747 20V zener 1W (the 1N4747 is misleading I think)

D4 1x 1N4728 3.3V zener 1W (the 1N4728 is misleading I think)

D6-D11, D13 7x 1N4733 5.1V zener 1W (the 1N4733 is misleading I think)

D17, D30 2x 1N4745 16V zener 1W (the 1N4745 is misleading I think)

U1 1x LED SMD 0603

U2-U5 4x LED


C1-2, C4-5, C28 5x electrolytic 1uf

C10,C12,C14,C19 4x tant/mylar 220nf

C3,C15-16,C18,C20 5x tant/ceramic 1nf

C9, C17 2x tant/mylar 1uf

C22,C26,C31 3x electrolytic 4.7uf

C13 1x tantalum/mylar/ceramic 10nf

C23-24 2x tantalum/mylar 22pf

C7-8 2x electrolytic 33uf

C6,C11,C21,C25,C27, C29-30,C32-34,C36 11x tantalum/mylar/ceramic 100nf

C35 1x electrolytic 10uf


R1-4,R29-33,R37 10x SurfaceMount 1206 1k

R15, R16 2x 1/4W 1% precision 2.49k

R17,R39,R43-45,R49-50 7 1/4W 1k

R14 1x 1/4W 1M

R47 1x 1/2W 1k

R9-12,R19-20,R34-35 9x 1/4W 10k

R18 1x 1/4W 4.7k

R23-24 2x 1/4W 22

R46, R48 2x 1/2W 47

R21 1x 1/4W 1% precision 50k

R25, R38, R40, R41 4x 1/2W 270

R5-8, R36 5x SurfaceMount 1206 330

R42 1x 1W 390, 1W

R22 1x 1/4W 1% precision 10k


X1 1x DB09 Female PCB right angle dsub

X2 1x DB37 Male PCB right angle dsub

J1 1x 1x1 Pin Header Just buy a 1x20 header

J5, J7, J8, J10, J11 5x 1x2 Pin Header

J9 1x 1x3 Pin Header

MAP Header 1x 1x6 Pin Header

J12 1x 2x2 Pin Header Just buy a 2x10 header

J6 1x 2x5 Pin Header


Q1 1x 16mhz crystal HC49 Low Profile

L1 1x 1 uH

L2: 1x 10uH