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I'd like to gather some data from the ECU via a serial connection. It works fine with the broadcast format, but I have trouble with SIPR.
I'd like to gather some data from the ECU via a serial connection.
You state "On startup the ECU can switch to the SIPR protocol by sending the command 'Mas'." What is this "Mas"? Is this a certain byte?

AIM (broadcast format)

Can you provide an example in C?
* Enable in VEMS ECU configuration

* See BroadcastDatastreamAim

** GenBoard/UnderDevelopment/FirmwareChanges 1.2.35 fw entry

* via 1st serial is easier (also works with old fw, but not available when VemsTune is connected: may or may not be acceptable depending on the application).

5 byte packets, (aligned to 0xA3, although A3 is weirdly not the first byte, see the AIM-serial/RS232 specs)


Triggerframe format is supported

* SIPR ("Mas") might not be supported in recent firmwares.

* TF(A0) == $7e$a0$bf$38$7e

=> response 0x20 type, and the beginning of the frame are the (appr 76byte) runtime values exactly same as in comm.c and offsets specified in vemstune config/*.ini (vemstune displays all runtime data from these).

Can you provide an example in C?

Sending a TF (send+receive) example in Perl via other channel.