Notes on the 5 byte "de-facto standard" AIM serial protocol.

Every 5th byte is A3 in the serial stream (see MembersPage/HankMoody/AIM for more examples and pdf)


The AIM serial protocol was originally implemented to send data to some (AIM and other) dashes.

The protocol has some nice properties:

The protocol has 2 notable stupidity:

VEMS, when sending via 1st serial (RS232 by default) port, respects both stupidity (and all tested AIM receivers were reported cooperating).

When sending via 2nd serial port (RS232 by default),

Configure 2nd UART to send "5 byte stream" with datacontent matching the AIM (but currently no wasted gaps)


Configuration (VemsTune checklist)

2nd COM wiring

2nd COM port for live data (FW 1.2.35 and newer), 2nd RS232 3 pin (unpopulated header) towards the main processor:

Located above the MAX232D (SOIC16) chip, different header, otherwise the same pinout as the 1st RS232 (which is towards the L293D stepper driver IC). See GenBoard/VerThree/Schematic