VemsTune works with round of course

Round and AIM

VemsTune communication broke for a short time in 2009, after AIM support was added in round firmware. Was fixed very shortly after, next VemsTune version supported it again.

The 5 byte AIM protocol is broken by design, the frame-byte is not the first, but the 2nd byte.

Therefore if round is using the serial line for AIM and some other protocol,

round cannot decide if it's AIM packet or other. Therefore it must wait more bytes before processing it (acting or answering). This broke vemstune communications (a workaround was implemented).

note to Developers: reproduce and fix

Misc notes - clean up after adding pointers

I have the gauge set-up with the MegaTune now. I forgot that the MT even existed for the gauge, Sambas told me about it on the IRC.

I'm pretty happy with the gauge, I really like how versatile it is with the 8 modes.

Setup notes with MT screen shots:,873.0.html