Tuning can be fun if one has confidence in using the tools

This is just a quick overview/listing, to decrease the chance of forgetting something. Details must be read from the GenBoard/Manual to satisfy necessery conditions.

Once you have spent the 60+ hours reading up on how to set up a v3.. you can do it quickly ;)

Unfortunately this is very true, we have to work on docs and tuningsoftware until necessary reading and preparations time is down to 20..30 hours for someone technically oriented, and 10 hours for very experienced tuners. It's an illusion to get this time below this. I spent about the 150 hours (8 weeks, appr. 4 hours a day) earlier with a much simpler ECM and better docs (although getting 75% of the info took only 10 hours reading the website and nice manual, and the mailing list consumed the other 140 hours to get the last 25% of necessary info).

Efficient (or even safe) tuning is only possible if all the SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE tools have been tried before the session starts.

Sounds very basic, but very easy to make the mistake of not trying something in advance - this can (if it can than it will) turn tuning into a nightmare.

This is required, even with the best tools. MegaTune and MegaTunix with GenBoard are far from the best, so being prepared is a must. The champion speed and precision of the lambda-target makes tuning 4..5 times faster than it would be with manual VE tuning (because of interaction between ignition and fuel related tuning), but poor tools make the process 1.5* longer if you are prepared and 20 times longer if not prepared (= end in anger, and reverting to learning before trying again). This is supposed to improve fast with the tools.


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