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This is a sample pic and not mine!.

I have made the mistake to remove the tooth right before tdc and not 3 tooth before like on the pic,

Can this be of any trouble?

Trigger problem

noise when cranking

Ignition on, rpm shows 0, then crank it, running around 300rpm, with the spikes to 1800rpm, then i stop cranking,but leave the ignition on the rpm will show 100rpm(must times); than the fuelpump stops, rpm reads 0 again

Yep, the tooth after the missing is TDC.
  • exact config ?
That is under config,i only changed the tabels,as part of the mapping

Problem candidates

Grounded the same place 20 cm from the ecu.

results in trigger noise, that is most significant during cranking (and suppressed during normal operation)

The gounding is made something like this:

This is not what you need, please consult MembersPage/PhatBob/UserGuide to read more on the correct grounding method

Sorry, i dont know what this is,i was explaining that i just unplugs the injectors,so i can continue trying cranking,without the engine starting.

Thanx peter