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This page is intended to describe my specific installation of GenBoard.

I'm using the tach signal for trigger, it's set for 6 cyl, and DummyIgnition on IGN_03. I used a 470nF capacitor to tap the tachometer signal directly from the tachometer, and i unsoldered R30 on the GenBoard.

The installation is not set to control the engine yet (have no electrical control to motor yet). I have only hoked vems up as a meassuring device for now. I have connected the CLT to the original Bosch oil temperature sensor, and temperatures seems right with readings from 2°C celsius on a cold morning's to 95-100 °C celsius with warm running engine. I also have MAP connected, and i made a sensor for CHT (cylinder head temperature) from a NTC resistor from the WebShop, but reading is suspicious, i get almost same cold redings as CLT, but warm engine tempratures is in the 60-70 dec. celcius, where i suspected higher temoperatures than the oil temperatures measured by CLT.

This config and tables are not completed, not all parameters are set, and in tables only h[] are configured yet.