Hi, my name is Steen Andersen

I'm from the city Copenhagen in the country of Denmark.

I run an old Porsche 911 SC from 1979 with CIS injection that I'd like to upgrade. It's a rear mounted, 3.0L aircooled flat (boxer) 6cyl engine.


I have studied the Megasquirt for a while, and then i ran across the VEMS group. It seem like the GenBoard have a lot off interesting features for future upgrades on my engine.

My plan is to build step by step, to divide cost and to learn more along the process.

Fist goal is to use the old distributor as VR-sensor in a dummy ignition setup, and reuse the old CDI box for spark.

But some parts have to be built for the injectors to fit the old CIS injector holes.

Note from MarcellGal?: the shop where we tuned my engine (on dyno) for MarcellGal/EngineSwap? project is biased towards Porsche 911. Not sure what we can learn from them, but one never knows. Maybe some mechanical tricks, or parts availability.

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You can reach me at steand at os dot dk