Problem caused by short-circuiting fixed new mcu with avrdude and stk200 cable, see below.

I got a problem with my genboard.During firmware upgrade and some changes and measurments, I did short circuit on main 5V source (DPAK). Right after that I lost connection to MT and unit appears to be DEAD.

Tried to play trigger signal from my soundcard(was working fine before), scoped if signal going to uC,and everything comming in but no reaction.even if I turn it on ,it suppose to prime fuel pump,but it doesn't,and I have also 2 SPECFETs which are inverted(const.ON),and they are seems to be dead as well.Checked all power sources,and power on ATmel's pins and MAX232 ,they are present.Checked MAX232 with terminals 11 and 12 shorted for loopback test - OK.

Is it possible that ATmega is damaged? most likely.

Any advices...? New mainoard


if you switched off power (shorted power?) during fw upgrade,try to short pin 2-3 in DB9 and talk to it in bootloader mode 9200,send S command iirc) //Emil

After ATmega replace it seems like it has constantly 10deg ign advance.Is it some kind of protection?Haven't scoped ign outputs

,but i see on the gauge during bench test.Tried different firmwares, 1.1.8x ,1.1.9x.Also serial number in firmware info is unknown.


Finally managed to make it work.Got firmware with id number from VemsShop?.

Had to order new USBASP programmer because my old one was actually dead for no reason...

Tried to load firmware with eXtreme burner software which is an GUI meant for avrdude - NO LUCK

Next tried avrdude directly - NO LUCK

Than decided to bring back to live my old laptop with LPT port and made simple BSD cable.After few attempts mission succeed.

Conclusion - never give up.


I used following syntax:

Flashing firmware bundle or bootloader :

burning lfuse: burning hfuse: burning efuse: burning lock:

by the way... I can't see my page under Memberspage/myname

only after using search option my page shows up.How to fix it?

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