Alfa romeo

MembersPage/JisopPark - Planning to replace the Haltech ECU with Genboard v3.2 for Alfa romeo 2.5L,GTV6

MembersPage/PeteO - Alfa Romeo 75 Twin Spark

MembersPage/TomPhillips - Alfa Romeo V6 V3.3 project

MembersPage/StevenVandenbosch - My project is converting an Alfa Romeo twinspark engine to VEMS V3.x

MembersPage/KeithHargrove/AlfaMilano - 1987 Alfa Milano Verde

MembersPage/ACH - 1995 Alfa Romeo 145 2.0 Twin Spark, replacing stock ECU with VEMS

MembersPage/Pawel - Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 Twin Spark Turbo


MembersPage/LarsLaursen - Fiat Coupe 5cyl 20v turbo. Want to run Vems with COP on std. Fiat coils

MembersPage/SimonLuger - Project engine is a supercharged fiat 1.242L 16V soon running with genboard

MembersPage/RobertOffner - Will install a Genboard V3 on his Fiat Uno Turbo

MembersPage/Soma -Fiat uno Turbo project

MembersPage/FiatStilo - v3.3 on a 1.8L 16 valve NA racecar

MembersPage/Fiat16VT3076R - v3.8 on 16V Turbo race car


MembersPage/DeanPavlekovic - Planning to use VEMS for DIS ignition on Jaguar 5.3L HE V12 engine.

MembersPage/SeppoKihnia - Own make with Jag XJS V12


MembersPage/VacsiImreL-AIM Datastream



MembersPage/RubenAparici - Lancia Delta HF integrale projects

MembersPage/JimmieJ - First experience with VEMS, planning install on a 5 cyl. Fiat/Lancia engine.

Lotus (minus k-series se rover)

MembersPage/AndyHills - Esprit V8


MembersPage/ESjaavik - Maserati Spyder. V6, Twin Turbo

MembersPage/OddFireSixCyl engines

MG-Rover (incl K-series Lotus)


MembersPage/YasecElise - V3.3 Genboard on Lotus Elise 4 cyl. High performance(/L) NA racecar

MembersPage/JoeStroller - interested in VEMS used with the Rover K-series engine used in Lotus Elise, Rover 200, Caterham Seven & MGB.


MembersPage/AndréSaethern - Mini 16V.

MembersPage/GavinBat - Mini TBi Turbo A series

MembersPage/CharlieKemp - Newbie, A+ Mini.

MembersPage/Sprocket - 1399cc SPi / 1293cc 16v Turbo Mini


MembersPage/Agriv8 - Rover V8 type 7

MembersPage/SoerenMartinSoerensen - MGB with Rover V8

MembersPage/PeterSchneeberger - Rover V8 in kit car Dax Rush - conversion from carb to EFi

MembersPage/AndyCleland - Land Rover 110 V8 3.9i, planning to go VEMS for fuelling and wasted spark ignition

MembersPage/ScottRichmond - Westfield 4.6 Rover V8

[Unknowen Engine]

MembersPage/SteveShack - MGB interested in assisting development especially arm stuff

MembersPage/PerBoddum - Rover Compressor


[2.3-16v 102.983]

MembersPage/Benzmacx - Stock, for now, with VEMS 190E 2.3-16v

MembersPage/MercedesSelFivePointSix M117 5.6L 8cyl engine, Mercedes 560SEL model 1990 and 1991



MembersPage/RudolfFeher - C20XE - 2L, 16V, NA, higher CR, modified intake manifold, modified exhaust, 272°cams.

MembersPage/BorisRieken - Want to install Vems on Opel/Vauxhall C20NE engine with turbo.

MembersPage/TonciLoncar - I have Opel Kadett D, from 1983, with 2.0, 16V, DOHC, turbo engine from Calibra turbo (c20let) that is controled by Vems 3.1.

MembersPage/RobertRN - honda civic C20LET

MembersPage/GuilhermeBuonfiglio - Opel Calibra C20XE turbo

[Unknowen Engine]

MembersPage/JohanErikssonluleasweden - Running GenBoard/VerThree on opel Calibra 16v 2.0 turbo

MembersPage/DamirMuha Vectra 2.0 8V motor, plan ion senzor, new intake Manifold...

MembersPage/DorianBeli - Newbie - Planning to turbocharge my Opel Vectra A 2.0 16v / Vauxhall Cavalier GSI with the help of MegasquirtAVR

MembersPage/SamiKorhonen - GenBoarded??????? Opel Ascona

MembersPage/MarkoTsirk - Opel Astra 2.0T w Vems 3.3 under development

MembersPage/JyrkiK - Opel Calibra Turbo


MembersPage/PeteLeh-Porsche 944 turbo 1989

MembersPage/TimEgan-Porsche 928

MembersPage/PeepPaadam - Porsche 931 2.0 w/ k26/29 Turbo under development

MembersPage/MagnusKarlstrom - Trying to install v3.3 on my Porsche 944 -83

MembersPage/PeteKrgr Porsche 944 turbo

MembersPage/BrendanCampion - Porsche 928

MembersPage/ArvoJarve - Porsche 944 turbo '87.

MembersPage/Benski - VEMS install on L-jetronic porsche 928. Still in planning phase

MembersPage/JurisPorsche - Porsche Carrera 911 (1991), NA 3.6 air cooled motor (H6)

MembersPage/PorscheBoxster 2.7L 2002

MembersPage/MacB - Porsche 911 Carrera 3,2 `89

PSA - Citroen

MembersPage/EvertDuindam - Citroen CX 25 Gti Turbo 2 & Citroen SM 3.0 carb -> injection

MembersPage/SaxoMotronic55 - Citroen Saxo motronic55 box

PSA - Peugeot


MembersPage/Jeanno - Peugeot 106 XSI TU5J2


MembersPage/JPSmotorsportGR - JPSmotorsport Peugeot 106 (NFX) 16V

[Unknowen Engine]

MembersPage/DaveBrul - Tester and part-time developer, turbocharging his 1.9 16v peugeot engine

MembersPage/SeppoRepo - VEMS 3.0 Peugeot 309 2.1 Litre fully ported with wildest Street Cam from CatCams?????

MembersPage/JonasAndersson - Peugeot309GTI '87 running on msavr genboard2.

MembersPage/RichardWeller - Peugeot 309 GTI, 1.9, 8v, NA

MembersPage/RallyeNLD - V3.3 on a Peugeot 106 Rallye 1.6

MembersPage/JanBöse - Peugeot 205 2093cm³ 16V turbocharged

MembersPage/GeorgiosVallianatos - Peugeot 205 Cabrio - Engine GTI 1.9 / 130bhp. Want to run VEMS 3.3 with several modifications, see details, I NEED YOUR HELP AND EXPERIANCE

MembersPage/GerbenvdLei - Converting his mot-ms 1.9 turbo to vems


MembersPage/GavinHarris - Stealth installation on a R19 16v

MembersPage/RenaultClioTurbo - 1.2L 8V 130 Hp

MembersPage/RenaultClioGrandTour - 1.2L (55kW) no turbo



MembersPage/JohanMo - Getting VEMS for my Saab 9000T

MembersPage/BenK - Hoping to implement GenBoard V3.1 into a Saab 900 to control ignition and fueling.

MembersPage/TyGymProjekt - Group effort to install GenBoard v3 on a SAAB 9-5 4-Cyl Turbo.

MembersPage/Japso - Saab 9000 Turbo 2.4L -86 Searching trigger settings.


MembersPage/DavidBlades - installed GenBoard on a TVR Griffith 500 (and thinking about a Subaru Impreza turbo). one of the best project documentations: documenting everything he's got working and also things he needs help on (not empty questions but detailed what he'd like to achieve and what he's done so far). Split to pages and organized well (thematically, not chronologically).

MembersPage/SpenD - TVR Chimaera 430

MembersPage/ChrisKendall - tvr cerbera with mercedes v8 amg engine

Memberspage/MadsLund - TVR M3000 jaguar AJ30 engine for hillclimb and rally sprint

YAMZ Engines

Truck (and powerplant and pump) engines from Ukraine. (Up to 24liter displacement V12 engines)

Custom engines