Alien Logging

After the FirstProblem is solved I want to log my Ignition to get an Idea how much Advance vs. boost i have. Do i need to populate the second LM1815 Chip? I want to log the Ignition in the car, because my Ignition have two triggers (first one every 180deg on TDC Cyl. 1+4 and on TDC Cyl. 2+3, second one 122teeth per revolution at the Starter gear). Is it right that i need a cable from the Coil Pin 1 to the input of the second trigger?

In my_make:





MSNS NOT defined O.K.

See my notes on OnlineCourse/AlienIgnitionLogging

In global.h i found for trigger2:

bit0 0:falling/1:rising,

bit1 0:enable/1:disable,

bit2 0:no filtering/1:filtering,

bit3 0:toothwheel/1:coil,

bit4 0:alien advance/1:cam sync,

bit5 0:single edge/1:both edges when cranking

so i think config.secondary_trigger=13 ?

Sensor Calibration

The most frustrating work for a newbie is Sensor calibrating.

I changed the gentherm2 utility for my needs. You put the three temp-resistance Pairs in and get a hex file out with which you can patch vems.hex. I put my Sensor calibration Data and this program into [Sensor Url].

I found a little Problem with hexpatch and my VDO cltfactor file:

NOTE: hexfile line neglected: #
NOTE: hexfile line neglected:
ERROR: not a hexa digit: a
ERROR: not a hexa digit: b
ERROR: not a hexa digit: c
ERROR: not a hexa digit: d
ERROR: not a hexa digit: e
ERROR: not a hexa digit: f
NOTE: hexfile line neglected: :020000020000FC
replaced (idx=1f) to: :1003f0002D2A282624211E1B1814100C060000008C
replaced (idx=22) to: :10032000F9F7F5F3F1EFEDEBEAE8E6E4E3E1E0DE1F
replaced (idx=23) to: :10033000DDDBDAD8D7D6D4D3D2D0CFCECDCCCAC994
replaced (idx=24) to: :10034000C8C7C6C5C4C3C2C1C0BFBEBDBCBBBAB9A5
replaced (idx=25) to: :10035000B8B7B6B5B4B3B2B2B1B0AFAEADACACAB8A
replaced (idx=26) to: :10036000AAA9A8A8A7A6A5A4A4A3A2A1A1A09F9E4C
replaced (idx=27) to: :100370009D9D9C9B9B9A99989897969595949393FD
replaced (idx=28) to: :10038000929190908F8E8E8D8C8C8B8A89898887A4
replaced (idx=29) to: :1003900087868585848383828180807F7E7E7D7C45
stats: 11 lines replaced (6053 remained)

Maybe somebody knows why this is?

If I patch the vems.hex with hexedit - no problem.

at the Bias Resistor is adjustable.

I used Lcc to compile it (under Windows). I uploaded everything under: [Sensor Url].

Trigger Question

I bought a Lancia Dedra Integrale. Crank Trigger is every 90 degree (4 Pulses per Rotation), Cam Trigger is 2 Pulses with 90 (Cam-) Degree distance.

Is this Trigger supported (maybe if I change to only one Cam Trigger Pulse)?

Digital Inputs via Shift Register

I use two 4021 Shift Register to get 16 digital Inputs. This Inputs are updated every 100mS, so it is not very much overhead. Also the additional Code is very small (spi is here anyway). I used PB0 (which is also SS) for Chip Select. All Signals (SS, SCK, MISO, GND and 5V) can be found at JP_ISP. I uploaded the files under [Shiftreg Url].

Turbo Timer

I had an Idea for a sophisticated Turbo Timer. A Relais which is connected to Genboard will let the engine continue to run even the Ignition is switched off. After some minutes OR if the EGTemp is staying the same (or will fall under a temperature) it will switch off the Engine.

The only Problem is: I will need 4 Bytes in config. Is this possible? If yes where? The 4 Bytes will be: Input Switch to activate, Ignition on/off sense, Relais Output, Time for afterrun (if time == 0xff then EGT controlled if time == 0 deactivated).

Anybody will try this ??? Anybody need this???

Thanks. Rob

Hi Rob,i think it would be usefull,i can test it on 3 cars if firmware change is made.//pnanassy

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