I'm sorry, i'm not familiar with wiki.

Trigger: 60-2 Bosch Type on crank, Polarity of sensor checked with scope - looks good.

Two Lamps for Ignition and Injection Output.

GND and GND5 Connected to Ground.

12V Connected to Pin25.

Checked everything from the beginners guide.

LCD is working, RS232 is working, Keyboard is working, even EGT1 is working.

Code is now 1.0.13, it is the code which comes with Megatune 2.25b531. I did NOT Compile the code, i flshed Genboard with vems.hex.

My h[0] Table: 01 02 00 00 00 00 00 00

My h[2] Table: 01 03 01 03 01 03 01 03

mdh80 and mdh90 switches on Injector Lamps, mdh00 and mdh10 switches them off.

mdh92 and mdhb2 switches on Igniton Lamps while mdh12 and mdh32 switches them off.

Injectors are connected to INJA and INJB (Pin 7, 19), Ignition Outputs are IGN1 and IGN3 (Pin 33, 36).

TPS, CLT and IAT is connected as Poti. MAP is onboard.

First I tried to configure WBO (with another firmware - i think 1.0.14) but WBO pump pw zero was unable to configure, i had always the same PW, and the same Voltage output between Pin 5 and 6, slightly over zero.

Then I tried to configure the Trigger and the Outputs. My config is below. I tried also to configure with megatune and with different values but I never got one Lamp to flash.

I have a Workbench with a Triggerwheel and an Electric motor to simulate the engine. When I start the FuelPump Relay switches on, i see a RPM Output on the LCD (which is now O.K. - it was halve of the real RPM) but none of the Lamps even glimms.

rpmk is 0bb8.

I really don't know why, maybe somebody can help me.


Thank you so much!

secondary Trigger was the problem. It should be 02!

This is a very important Information.

Tomorrow i try to configure wbo.

good night.