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After using piggyback ECU's such as Morristech TSI and AEM Fic 6/8 and not satisfied, I decided to go standalone ECU.

Editor's note: page content moved, this dates back 2012-06, one of the early BMW S50B32 VEMS installs with VANOS (VEMS ECU with econoseal connector, NOT mot88 frontplate).

Engine code: S50B32


6 cylinder in line

Infinite variable camshaft angle on both intake and exhaust(VANOS)

displacement (cm3): 3201

JE pistons 8.5:1 compression ratio

Forged ARROW connecting Rods

Coil on plugs and full sequential

Stock cams

GT37/40 hybrid turbo

3 vr sensors

Crank 60-2

Exhaust 6+1

Intake 6

Engine management:

VEMS V3.6 Firmware 1.1.96

Dual Vanos Enabled


I kept the OEM harness and sensors to have the installation clean and OEM like.

Is this a VEMS ECU with motronic88 or standard VEMS ECU with EC36/EC18 install (perhaps with some adapter/wiring ) ?

Ignition coils wiring: done

Important note: traversed according the arrows (that point up) in VemsTune