After using piggyback ECU's such as Morristech TSI and AEM Fic 6/8 and not satisfied, I decided to go standalone ECU.

Engine code: S50B32


6 cylinder in line

Infinite variable camshaft angle on both intake and exhaust(VANOS)

displacement (cm3): 3201

JE pistons 8.5:1 compression ratio

Forged ARROW connecting Rods

Coil on plugs and full sequential

Stock cams

GT37/40 hybrid turbo

3 vr sensors

Crank 60-2

Exhaust 6+1

Intake 6

Engine management:

VEMS V3.6 Firmware 1.1.96

Dual Vanos Enabled


Vanos preamble

The car already drives like charm
  • so well you would take the family on a holiday: it wouldn't stall, or be nervous or misfire.
  • Maybe connect light-bulb only (between PFET outputs and GND, so you can see in operation: which operates when, while you watch "sectrig position" and play with target table).

Vanos outputs - 4 PFET outputs requested

Output tests - with solenoid disconnected and lightbulb connected

The diodes inside the connectors (from GND to signal) are VERY important, they are "flyback" diodes to prevent kickback from the inductive solenoids.

Document your wiring of the 4 PFET outputs here:

Yes: in inverted mode both bulbs are on

In output test mode only one bulb lights on. No short.

With the whole cam table angle target values set to max advance position the trigger position is stable until car goes into max boost. Then it falls down to max retard until throttle is released.

With the exhaust cam control disabled, the trigger position do not move and keeps its position even at boost.

Conclusion: there is no hardware failure. The only possible reason to unwanted cam retard is that the retard solenoid is fed.

See [retest-repair] or if your measurements show that 1 out of the 4 P-FET outputs (hardware) misbehaves,

Link the vemslog or vemscfg here !

There could be 3 scenerios, your sentences will be phrased sg like:

Your Vanos wiring is needed (on your page) in any case, and most likely .vemslog (and .triggerlog also).

I kept the OEM harness and sensors to have the installation clean and OEM like.

Ignition coils wiring: done

Important note: traversed according the arrows (that point up) in VemsTune

TODO: testing the Vanos and camshaft movement.

Camshaft target table is directly related to the "sectrig position" and "third trig position" gauges:

Sectrig position is normally (without cam-advance) 5-35 degrees, not 70 degrees or so. We suspect something.

Measured = 0 ... target - 2 deg - PWM-ing range : OutputA? active and OutputB? inactive , Cam pulse too late

Measured = (target - 2 deg - PWM-ing range) ... (target - 2 deg) : OutputA? active and OutputB? PWM-ing ( closer to target = PWM duty higher )

Measured = (target - 2 deg) .... (target + 2 deg): OutputA? and OutputB? active

Measured = (target + 2 deg) .... (target + 2 deg + PWM-ing range): OutputA? inactive and OutputB? active

Measured = (target + 2 deg + PWM-ing range) ... 360 deg: OutputA? PWM-ing ( closer to target = PWM duty higher ) and OutputB? active , Cam pulse too early

Just document your wiring and measurements, and given the captured vemslog (preferrably with some comment, like "I disconnected ECU output and at 17 sec applied 12V manually to exhaust cam/... solenoid") we can inspect and review !

S62B50 M5V8

My new project is a S62B50 M5V8 with Vortech V7 supercharger

VEMS V3.6 VR Hall Hall

I want to control only intake cams as there is not enough drivers for the 8 solenoids.


WASTED SPARK: 2X bosch ignition coils from vems shop

Second trigger is originally on exhaust cam but as i will leave exhaust cams static I moved one exhaust trigger to one of the intake cams.

So one intake cam has the second trigger bolt on it and the other cam has the third trigger.

The idea is to control one intake cam with intake target table

and the other intake cam with exhaust target table.

The exhaust cams are not monitored but the solenoids will be activated with a relay to force them reach max advance position all the time.

This is a trigger log when the car refused to start:

Now the engine starts well but there are some trigger errors.

And the intake cam positions are different from one bank to the other.

If the cam control is not reliable I plan to drive them with a double contact relay to advance the cams on mid range revs and retard them at idle and high revs. (Like On OFF)

That's a big compromise. 2 cams should be controlled perfectly: precisely with good transient response. Don't settle without that. Follow Dave's advice (and maybe reread [camshaft-angle control related VT help] )

The most common problems related to camshaft-angle control (assuming trigger is set up, "measure tooth" selected, and sectrig position / third trig position measurement shows reasonable values):

For closed loop cam control, start by disconnecting the solenoid plugs and first manually apply 12v to the solenoids (intermittent short pulse) to check if you see the measured position moving. If all is confirmed for both axis (both advance and retard solenoids), use a much narrower Near PWM range 5-8 degree should be good for to start out with.


there are still trigger error but the car starts well