S62B50 M5V8 '

My new project is a S62B50 M5V8 with Vortech V7 supercharger

VEMS V3.6 VR Hall Hall

I want to control only intake cams as there is not enough drivers for the 8 solenoids.


WASTED SPARK: 2X bosch ignition coils from vems shop

Second trigger is originally on exhaust cam but as i will leave exhaust cams static I moved one exhaust trigger to one of the intake cams.

So one intake cam has the second trigger bolt on it and the other cam has the third trigger.

The idea is to control one intake cam with intake target table

and the other intake cam with exhaust target table.

The exhaust cams are not monitored but the solenoids will be activated with a relay to force them reach max advance position all the time.

This is a trigger log when the car refused to start:

Now the engine starts well but there are some trigger errors.

And the intake cam positions are different from one bank to the other.

If the cam control is not reliable I plan to drive them with a double contact relay to advance the cams on mid range revs and retard them at idle and high revs. (Like On OFF)

That's a big compromise. 2 cams should be controlled perfectly: precisely with good transient response. Don't settle without that. Follow Dave's advice (and maybe reread [camshaft-angle control related VT help] )

The most common problems related to camshaft-angle control (assuming trigger is set up, "measure tooth" selected, and sectrig position / third trig position measurement shows reasonable values):

For closed loop cam control, start by disconnecting the solenoid plugs and first manually apply 12v to the solenoids (intermittent short pulse) to check if you see the measured position moving. If all is confirmed for both axis (both advance and retard solenoids), use a much narrower Near PWM range 5-8 degree should be good for to start out with.


there are still trigger error but the car starts well