Hi, My name is a Richard and i'm from the UK.

I'm planning on using a Genboard v3.3 on a Peugeot 309 GTI running Jetronic at present.

The car is running a slightly modd'ed head and cam, K&N air filter and stainless moongoose exhuast (downpipe back). I believe there is some good gains to be had.


1. More power

2. Try to improve the MPG

3. Make things more reliable - this includes making up a new wiring harness...

4. Learn more about engine mangement!


- Order the Genboard - DONE

- Sort out remaing sensors (just need the flywheel sensor i hope!)

- Make the wiring harness

The Plan

Batch Injection (I believe sequential fueling is harder to map?)

Wasted Spark

WB sensor, no EGT (no need for a NA motor?) + standard sensors.

No Idle Control Valve or Stepper, unless I have problems with Idle :-)

Any questions or comments here please:

MembersPage/PhatBob Hi Richard. What trigger are you planning on using? Check out Dave Brul's pages he does a lot with Peugeot 205's he may have a set of configs that will make your install easier.

Semi-sequential is the best bet, goes well with wasted spark.

Theres a small but growing UK user group, give me a shout:

Rich - Trigger at the moment 60-2 flywheel, it's off a pug MI16 lump, the later 205 8v lumps do run motronic but the flywheels are rare!

I did notice that some Pug's have had genboards fitted - I was going megasquirt but I found this project and decied it was a better bet!

Thanks for your interest and feedback.

MembersPage/PhatBob With that trigger you should have no problems at all, it will make setting up and configuring a load easier, and allow you to concentrate on all the additional features. Drop us an email mate.

MembersPage/DavidBlades I'm also based in the UK and may be able to help with config stuff if you need. I've not had anything to do with Pugs for many years, but I used to have a 309 (only a 1.6, but not bad for an 18 year old).

The standard MAP fitted to the genboard is OK for NA use, so it's less wiring work to use this. (It's worked well on the TVR) I used an air temp sensor from a Jaguar XJS found in a scrap yard - nice M10 thread so easy to install.

As Bob says, go with semi-sequential (ie pairs of injectors) but wire them up as individuals so you can go fully sequential at a later date if you want to - it's all easily controlled with the config.

I made my own wiring loom. It's the best way. Buy a decent ratchet crimp tool if you haven't already - it'll pay you back in the first day. VehicleWiringProducts? have a good range of different coloured wires with coloured traces that may interest you. The best place for crimp tools and connectors is, however the VEMS web shop.

Oh, and I have gained 3 to 4 mpg from the TVR since VEMS was installed.

Have fun!

Rich - Cheers for the comments guys :-)

I've opt'ed for the build[blow it up] it yourself option - i read somewhere on here about using an external map sensor as it was a better idea and I would like to mount the Genboard in the std ECU location on the 309 - on the right hand side of the dash inside the car. I found one the combo MAP/temp sensors they sell in the VEMS shop on ebay for 9.50 inc postage (new and unused!), which I thought was a bargin :-) I have a firend at a VW dealership and i'm going to try and get him to source me a connector for it!

My dad has a ratchet crimp tool but I havent found out how good or bad it is yet...(Most likely bad)

VehicleWiringProducts? is an Evil place, I looked at there website and wanted to rewire my whole car :-(

I'm waiting until the Genboard turns up and I have all my sensors before I order wire and connectors. I have done pently of reading on the sensors and stuff so I hope i'm covered there.

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