Want to use the testlight as a shift light.

1 x TestLight?

> i was going to go with 4 x yellow and 6 x red for the shift light,

> the other's I'm not sure about it.

I propose

Than you get 3 + 3 left for other purposes, my proposal:

> Are the LED's included in the price? If so a mixture? 

yes, included. Soldered according to customer's wish.

> I wasn't expecting any wires and to be honest i'm not a 100% where I was 
> going to mount the thing on the dash are they easy to solder on?

yes, easy to solder wires (or even LEDs) and glue the PCB in the housing with hotmelt glue
(the plexi is already glued in). The advantage of soldering the wires
yourself is that you get more time to decide which LED's are to be switched
together (with only 1 shared wire for them) - also the wire length will match the application.