I would like to ask for Your help in converting my

to roll-by-roll injection. What kind of options do you advise about the VEMS that control the turbo engine. I don't need too extra things, only that's necessary. I only want the most necessary things, but those that makes my car operate well and I can set my car the best.

Trigger info

My Car (renault clio 1.2 Turbo and super 5 GT Turbo)trigger VR and crankshaft

Ignition outputs

I should replace my extant system ( factory specification RENIX RE-209), anyone has trigger (crank/cam sensor) and ignition transformer info ?

Ign outputs depend on the ignition transformer / ignition module.

Logic-level or power outputs ? 4 IGBT + 4 logic level allows postponing this decision, and use either type.

Other sensors

For CLT, IAT, KNOCK the standard sensor work.

Idle air

You can choose any type:

New question:

For illustration of the inputs, see

but it makes sense to start from someone's setup (from

MembersPage) and change only the few things (in config and HW) that need change.

To my knowledge

I heard that