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Thanks fore the help. I have uploaded a Data log so maybe someone can check it.


Trigger error is possible because in megatune the lamp in the right corner is blinking red sometimes but the car seams to run well.

I have made connection to GND so the cable is now shielded, no difference.


LCD question. I get some kind of rubbish on the display when the engine is started (see image) and when only ignition on there is no problems.

I use rs 232 cable fore connection and ca. 1,5 meters I length.

The plan worse to mount the display near the rear mirror at the roof so is there anything I can due to get rid of the noise?

[dnb] This looks like you haven't got the LCD cable shielded well enough. Make sure the shielding on the LCD cable is connected to the D connector on the connector, and that there is a good ground plane for the shielding all the way back to the ECU. (There should be, but it never hurts to check) Also, remember that shielding should only be grounded at ONE end.

[GergelyLezsak?] Missfire also worth a check. Even very slight missfire could lead to scrambled display in my experience. (With shielded LCD cable grounded to the ECU)