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Ignition set up wasted spark

Firing order for corrado type. Pg 1.8 g60

Firing cyl order 1342

ch00 EC36 pin 35 not used

ch01 EC36 pin 33 not used

ch02 EC36 pin 34 to cyl 2-3

ch03 EC36 pin 36 to cyl 1-4

ch04 EC36 pin 11 not used

ch05 EC36 pin 12 not used

ch06 EC36 pin 24 not used

ch07 EC36 pin 10 not used

h(2)=02 03 02 03 02 03 02 03

Important the h(2) is run backwards from right to left

i.e. the sequence starts fire ch03 (ec36 pin36) and then ch02 (ec36 pin34) and so one