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Does anyone have a running config for Audi ADU/AAN ?

Question d.26/6-2007

I have problem starting my Audi S2 B3 (original ecu) when it is hot.

Measure the engine speed G28 sensor = +- 15V wave looks nice

Measure Reference sensor G4 sensor = +- 75V wave looks nice but is it not too high voltage?

Symptoms cranking:

The car will not start but bangs and the tachometer needle is jumping op and down (0-2000 rpm)

Sometimes it starts and all problems are gone.



When I swab the vr sensor and turned the disruptor 2 mm the car started.

I think that one of the vr sensors I bad condition

Delayed fuelcut, cooling

Iac related - why not make an iac subpage ?

From global.h:

iac_conf; // iac, bit7:softidle bit6:asym bit5:dualsol bit4=1:ignadv ON, bit3:preciseidle bit2:stepper(0=pwm) bit1:low_power_halt bit0:power_iac_only_when_move

We installed IAC control PWM valve and something went wrong.

We disabled the ignition based idle control and set the iac_conf RAW to 24 (hexa 18) in megatune then disconnect the connector on IAC walve

There are many other adjustments to get the idle right, eg. iac reference positions and iac PID settings.

Note the mdi.. command to force iac position (.. is hexa 01 .. FF; 00 turns off forced position, and applies normal control).



Thanx Peter

5/6-06: Is there some ware I can see all the Terminal commands listed like Man mcd ? if not maybe someone could make a list please.

There is a link to a pdf document here: GenBoard/MenuSystem //Mattias

What we need is "simple" list of the ca. 10 most useful commands.

EGO susses

I changed the injector set up and ego_pid_kp=20 all is working now great Marcell.

So way the old settings doesn’t work that is a mystery

Wonder about the firing order you recommend (h0) 02 08 04 01) should is not be (h0) 04 01 02 08 please look at this

My plan in the future is to run full sekventiel with cam trigger.

Thanx Peter

Question: 4/1-06

EGO settings and mode of operation.

When I turn on the EGO control then the car runs very lean ??

The VE table is adjust and the car is running well (lambda 1/14,7afr) but when the ecu hit the switch point to active the ego (1500 rpm) then its start to run lean. The lambda table is 1.0 in all the low bins.

Also if I force the lambda table to give more petrol (12 afr) the ego clock megatune stay at the same point no reaction but stay at the lean side.

It seems like something is inverted so ego react the opposites way.

If someone have an idée please write

I suspect that

Config suspicious items / hints:

However, these don't explain any strange ego behaviour that you describe. But:

will make your EGO (128 times) faster, to near the reasonable value. It was configured so slow that it acted like a very long timeconstant filter (acting according to the average of last minute, not last few hundred msec), which explains the "reversion".

Questions: 5/11-05.

LCD problem

If you apply some hotmelt after testing (at the DSUB9 and where the wires enter the LCD) and use good clearances, it's unlikely to cause problems later.

Repair display

Would it not be a god start to replace the IC1 with a new IC to fix the display

NO !!! SMD unsoldering is 5 times harder than making a proper LCD cable. Make a proper LCD cable first.

Remember that the most common mistake is forgetting the LCD contrast. (a 2k4 - or around - resistor between LCDpin1 GND and LCDpin3 contrast). If LCD shows nothing (neither squares nor garbage) this is the problem, almost for sure.