Project is customers race car, BMW E92 with S54B32 engine. Factory harness, plug and play adapter and S54 VEMS ordered from webshop with double-vanos and ETC support.

Problem is oscillating throttle when TPS is connected, when disconnected oscillation stops (TPS shows ~60%) and obviously motor opens throttle only when pedal is pushed past 60% and then it opens to full.

All the connections have been verified (polarity of TPS/PPS GND and 5v), analogue input pins etc. Should TPS2 (on the throttle motor) show ~4.8volts when throttle is closed?

Here's current config file (please review ETC part and VANOS part):

And here's video of the issue:

Please could you take a look at this as the 1000 km endurance race is already after a month and we really need to do some testing too.. Thank you in advance!

I have working config for that engine, contact me to my email Tnx I sent an email.

The config I used was in fact from working car (not mine though) (Peep Päädam)

Hello Peep,

A lot of changes have been applied to ETC code to make it easier to tune since 1.2.23 (see: for proper (and easy control) it is imperative you upgrade to 1.2.31 or later.

If after this you still have tuning problems, please upload a vemslog (or create sharing) of ETC operation doing a few slow pps 0-100% sweeps and link it here i'll review and provide hints.

Best regards, Vems Dave

I uploaded 1.2.32, calibrated PPS/TPS/1/2 and inserted recommended PID values from help file. Throttle behaves normally now, but only issue is that it does not open fully. Pedal is pressed to 100%, but TPS and TPS2 show 98% and I see that throttles are not fully open.

Also is there any way to verify VANOS solenoid operation? I mean to verify that outputs are in fact correct (which output and polarity, e.g. i4/5 or 4/i5).

Here are config and log files: