BMW S54 (or [S54B32]), as in the e46 M3, M coupe, and M roadster

Probably the most advanced BMW I6 engine, BMW was criticized for ending manufacturing (in favor of the shorter V8-s). Fully supported by VEMS (order with proper options, see below).

3.2 liter Dual VANOS, Individual Throttle Body, 333(US)/338(EU)bhp factory spec.

VEMS ECU Config:

BMW S54 dual-VANOS engine: VR, HALL, HALL + 4 * PFET high-side switches for the 4 hydraulic cam-actuator solenoids

Piggyback install

One might choose to make install simpler, taking over fuel/spark/air/controls completely, but keep the factory ECU

The factory ECU shares the following inputs with VEMS ECU: