Inline 5 cylinder engine with 15-1 crankwheel and camsync

5 Coil near plug


4 bar MAP

10 injectors running paralell

No IAC, or overrun, knock etc...

Dedicated racecar


Currently running 1.0.53 without problems, but we need the improved ALS, so upgrade to 1.1.8 or 1.1.9 or similar recent firmware is considered.



No info to verify these, but shouldn't have changed (if they worked well, they will work well in 1.1.x)

Checking some variables at GenBoard/UnderDevelopment/FirmwareChanges

because of camsync:

Trigger switches

Ignition sequence

There is not enough info to verify this. Rotate reftooth (0,6,12,18,24 when read in MegaTune from bottom to top) if the engine does not want to start. Or you can check with your light.

cyl 1,2,4,5,3 firing sequence in straight mapping (cyl1..5 to channels 0..4). You can just leave this as is (and change reftooth instead):

(beware that it's not 03,01,00,02,04 since the ignition via stepper outputs is possible. Besides the h[1], this is the most important thing to watch when upgrading to 1.1.x)


No hint for the new ALS variables, it's a matter of taste. These allow gradual disabling of retard and igncut at low RPM. See MembersPage/GaborRacz/NewAlsLaunchAndOthers

BEWARE THAT in 1.1.9 the als_retard is ABSOLUTE, that is FROM TDC, which is likely to stay that way.

ALS lower ignition cut below 5000 RPM, and no igncut at all below 4000 RPM :

ALS lower retad below 3700 RPM, and no retard at all below 2500 RPM: