Parts Shopping List

Notes on what parts I use(d) and bought to get my GenBoard up and running.

Still need to buy :

Arrived 08/2004 :

Total ~302 EUR + WBO2 - discounts

Various notes:

Case & Connectors:

I will install it into a factory ECU case. Will use the standard connectors and part of the original wiring of the car. I'll seal the case and install the unit into the designated plastic box under the bonnet unless heat issues dictate otherwise.



Note that at this point there are several interesting things (especially around WBO2, lambda and knock) that are hard to get on the PC-screen (impossible with the somewhat limited MegaTune), especially at the same time (while available on LCD screen out-of-the-box). Of course you can write OtherTuningSoftware any time so the indication is solved. Anyway, the LCD is very useful.