Developer page: besides making the best opensource ECM, we need to invest resources into making understanding/tuning the system simpler and faster, for experts and beginners too

Therefore we must focus on better documentation and better tuning software in the first place. Note that stuff here is only experimental/prototyping, with the exception of megatun... softwares.

PC targetted

Targetted towards small devices - PDA, cellphone, gameboy

Prototyping - even more experimental

All parameters, tables, runtime (eg. LCD display-page) and special settings can be commanded via PS2KeyBoard? or TerminalProgram. Read MenuSystem? and don't miss the refcard part!

Tuningsoftware functions

Few Ideas for Additional Functions

  1. Current discussion in the IRC today was inregards to the dot's on the 3dview - red for edit; green for current engine conditions. Suggestions lead to having a blue trailling dot that represents history of the green dot's position. Maybe some color tones that lead from bright blue down to black for the last dot. Something like 5 seconds of history would be good... think mouse trails. A different shape for active vs current might be good too - red vs green isn't too useable for colour-blind men.
  2. when graphing, have two different time scales. my dad's one engine scanner has this.... ex. data flows on the graph from right to left. the first half of the graph shows full rate data, while the second half shows filtered data so a different time scale is achieved and data lingers longer.... you can see this in the following brochure... pretty sweet if you ask me. http://www.genisysotc.com/Pathfinder2003Brochure.pdf

Why do we need yet another tuning software ?

Alien tuningsoftwares - worths to look at

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