If you see such packets on the serial port (with a terminal program for example), the sending side is configured for display settings / "AIM enabled" and works correctly, and the receiving side should (or should be reconfigured to) interpret these AIM protocol packets.

Race technology sells a dash that they claim "VEMS compatible",

so they can read the AIM stream, (to our knowledge) with a fw upgrade that only Race Technology can provide; To our best knowledge Race Technology provides that upon request, free of charge.

To make it clear: Race Technology can help to configure the receiving side accordingly, not VEMS.

I use a datalogger and dash from the company Race Technology, labelled "Vems interface"

Here is the reflash, which I got from Race Technology. It's not for the dash2 itself, it's for the Vems ECU Interface. CONFIRM WITH RACE TECHNOLOGY BEFORE REFLASHING YOUR INTERFACE, otherwise this could probably brick the interface!

Protocol details

Other channels:

Example of data streamed from my v3:

It seems there are more channels streaming from my v3! I also see activity on channels 224-229 in my data. What are theese channels used for?

Im running v3 firmware 1.1.96

Some of the channels within the AIM datasream are correct.