Engine Mechanical

Audi I5 3B engine

01E gearbox

Verdi dry sump system

Engenine Management

Vems 3.7

VAG lupo 60-2 trigger on crank

Honneywell Hall trigger on camshaft

4 Kpa onboard MAP-sensor

Bosch TPS

vag 115r ign-coils

triple bosch 044 fuel pumps, connected via two 30A relays with flyback diode.


Vems box is dead due to use of a old faulty battery-charger,

ec36 pin25 is short to ground. (3A fused)

Worked fine untill the battery-charger was connected.

Melts the fuse instantly as you power on ignition key.

Most likely Cause

The 'old faulty battery charger' has most likely provided a much to high voltage to the ecu (>18v), there is a protection inside the ecu that trips and blows the fuse when this happens. See D22 (How can one find this ? On GenBoard/VerThree/Schematic at EC36/pin25 the keyword is "13.8V" , search for "13.8V" on the schematic drawing to find D22 ).

If and large fuse was used it can permanently fuse the over voltage (transient suppression diode) device also.

The rescue kit (GenBoard/VerThree/RescueKit) should have a replacement diode marked: 1.5KE18 (is 18V). If not the diode can be cut until a valid replacement has been ordered from [webshop]. I have annotated its location on v3 picture here (inside yellow circle):


Best regards, Dave