You find schematic and layout files in directory.

Note that you can use CTRL-F (search) to find a component by name in the PDF (not in the png) schematic or layout.

Same firmware, same tuningsoftware (VemsTune), same [help] applies to all PCB versions. Changes are mostly for manufacturability, durability against some installation "hazards", easy application of addon options (like electronic throttle or low-Z injector driver; multiple wheelspeed inputs or multiple extra-analog inputs; 3 or 4 trigger inputs when needed).

The standard EC18 wiring (since 2009-09-29):



Advanced users - only for manufacturing

There are some bin/categories.* files in CVS (see GenBoard/ManuFacturing) that in some cases override component values found on the schematic (mostly supply capacitors).

FET orientation

All the TO220 switches on GenBoard/VerThree have the same orientation (at least electrically, because some people mount them below the PCB and some mount them above).

But you see this on the schematic anyway.

Here is a diagram illustrating the driver chip locations on the circuit board relative to channel number:


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