Hi, try setting the trigger at 60 degrees before TDC. If you added your own trigger wheel, you have to check where the missing tooth/teeth are.

Second cylinder fires 420 degrees later, first cylinder fires again 300 degrees after that and so on.

I assume the first cylinder is the rear one and that the crank rotates in the same direction as the wheels.

Hello and thank you.

We have a trigger wheel 34 - 2 and our VR-sensor sits at 65 degrees when cyl 1 (rear cylinder) is in TDC off the trigger tooth No. 6 and cylinder 2 is top off the tooth No. 12

we've set it up for the odd fire, we assume that it is correct.

And yes rotation direction is the same as the wheel spins.

But it will not really run and when it does, it goes really hard and then goes out after about 10sec.

Hello Dennis,

Could you provide a triggerlog of engine cranking 8-10 seconds without IGN and INJ fuse (but spark plugs mounted in engine so with normal compression cycle). Also make a vemslog of the same sequence.

Without enough data it is very hard to make suggestion to you to correct your setup. Lets start out with the basics, what engine are you installing; mount of cylinders, etc.

Please upload these files to your MembersPage directory in the FileArea and link them to your wiki page. After receiving these files and engine details i will review and make suggestions on how to proceed.

Best regards, Dave


Hello Dennis,

I have reviewed your triggerlog you seems to be running some very old firmware 1.1.94 i would recommend upgrading this to 1.2.31 first.

Than regarding the triggerlog itself, good format and length, perfect. Your triggerwheel is 36-2 and signal is without errors.

To setup this engine we will configure it as follows:

Please provide a new triggerlog and a small vemslog of the same sequence (cranking without ING and INJ fuse like before) after upgrading the firmware and applying the suggested settings so i can review.


Best regards, Dave

Yes, see if you can do a triggerlog like Dave suggests. (BTW, this is an odd-fire V2 bike engine). If the triggerlog looks nice, you probably just have the wrong amount of fuel or wrong basic fuel settings. Also, look at the top indicators in VemsTune. They will indicate trigger failure when the engine stalls, if the trigger setup isn't correct.

Odd-fire is correct. I am almost sure you have to choose odd-fire if you want to enter different angles between the ignition pulses (420/300 degrees). For even-fire, they all have to be the same.