I build a new AAN Genboard V3.8, with Hall/Hall setup.

For ignition I want to use 5 Logic Level Outputs

Solved!!! Now i used a scope for Testing. On the end i found a weak GND wire inside the car loom.




Home build AAN from Genboard v3


Reenforce soldering on TO-220 componets's GNDs, they really weak at this time.


A shottkey diode will need from JPT55/4 (EC36/6) to the flyback JPT55/37, cathode face to JPT55/37 (Solder the diode's cathode to the anode of the 30V flyback diode, this is the easiest way.)


Remove all FET witch is in the place of an IGBT and solder an 510Ohm(1206) parallel with the soldered 510Ohm(0805). After this connect the gate with the output in the place of the removed TO-220 component.(Wire the signal from the two resistor to the Econoseal pin.) You need to do this only on outputs used for ignition.


Stick the teflon sheets to the metal case, this way the components will insulate from the case as well as from each other. In the end recommended to make insulation test with a lamp. Connect one pin of the lamp or anode of a led to +12V, other pin or cathode to the metal case. Start to test the injector outputs in VemsTune one by one. If the lamp or led ever lights up, the insulation is bad. You need to fix it.

WBO2: If you not reuse or add wires to the factory harness, it won't work as it connected now.

Both of the controllers has factory AAN configuration, if you ever miss them up you can download or we can send you.

Note that since 2015, there exists dedicated VEMS "v3.9" mainboard for Audi AAN motronic55 harness pinout. It's cleaner install for any mot55 harness (but it has no stepper chip, and fits in longer box: AAN PCB is 110*160mm instead of 98*160mm). Otherwise same (hw, firmware, sw) as genboard v3.8