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Inlet Air Temperature

Stock Audi temp sensor for turbo motors:


Q: This has a PTC thermistor that reads around 500ohm at 20C, part number is 035 905 379 C (now replaced by 034 905 379 B, same except for a different connector).

This is compatible with VEMS, see "PTC" on EasyTherm. Since the slope is very high, careful calibration is recommended. Miska Peippo used the PTC curve, AFAIK.

Throttle Position

From a 3B engine. Part number 034 133 154 F.



2 Output
3 Ground
4 Unused
5 Idle Switch
6 Idle Switch

Q:Can anyone confirm that VCC +5v is ok? I read 3.3v somwhere.

Coolant Temperature

Stock. Will look into this later.

Manifold Absolute Pressure

MPX4250AP 250kPa from WebShop. Soldered on board (initially upside down, this should be clearer in documentation). Will probably have to upgrade to 400kPa later on but I will use this for initial testing.

WideBand Lambda

Bosch LSU4 sensor from WebShop. Sumitumo connector to Genboard.

Variable Reluctance

Will most likely use stock Audi sensor in conjunction with the 60-2 wheel. See MembersPage/AntonLilja/Trigger


Either fork sensor from a distributor or homemade with magnet and hall element from WebShop in conjuction with window-wheel on cam. See MembersPage/AntonLilja/Trigger