[] from Supra 2JZ-GTE with AT, 16x14, do not forget disable AT control, gearboost works, lcd excluded, sample msq inside.

[] compiled for speedsensor request, found in e-mail history, 12x12, only .hex and .ini.

MTNewTemp? (Removed, see below) Full MT package snapshot from my 1JZ-GTE at 03.25.2009. It use experimental temperature model, mapcorr and matcorr tables excluded (big temperature table consume many bytes RAM), ps2, lcd and other excluded, many things not tested. Matched Applet included, my MT and Applet configs too.

[] Mostly same as MTNewTemp?, but airdensity curve moved to spare flash space to allow use hexpatch files. And other (my default) settings for applet. VVTi dilog disabled, but it isn't useful if you have disabled VVTi at secondary trigger settings. Check my_make, and check negative values in MT config (CLT range etc), they always creep.

[] Same as MTNewTemp?, but up to recent svn revision (new launch ect...), and some changes: launch_rpm at log, deadtime table points changed to 8-10-12-14-16 Volts, and added Kevin's boost.