Help Wanted! :)

Since it's a commercial target I will of course offer payment to the people who are willing to contribute. The code that will be written for that project can be used in the VEMS project (for example the USB part).

Description of the board:

What is done:

The USB interface is done on a 8515, now it should be ported to '64.

The USB driver framework for linux (??) is there wich works for the old revision of the board, so it would probably not take much changes to make it work.

PCB 70% done; USB, Power, Serial ports, ISP, and 50% of the IO's are done, I already have 2 test boards wich can be programmed via ISP.

When it should be finished:

There is no exact deadline, but in a reasonable time it should be done, so I would like to monitor the process in a way that I get the changes every few days.

For the whole thing to be secure for both parties we can go to smething like

Any questions?