This page is about diodes, mainly for developers. (flyback and small current diodes as well).

low voltage power flyback:

50V, 1A diode/SMB

high voltage flyback

SMB footprint transient suppression diode (we use 6.8V and 20V).

We also use a big throughole (18V or 22V) transient suppression diode for the 14V supply-in, but that's another story.

simple small cheap diode for railing used for protecting other devices.

30V, 500mA dioda/SOD80C

20V, 10mA dioda/SOD110:

the generic S2x family

For normal (not schottky, not fast, not zener) SMD diodes there is a family supported by all manufacturers (Fagor, General Semiconductor, On)

We often use S2M, which is 2A-1000V or S2J (2A-600V)

(note: 2A is often 1,5A, and 3 is only 2,5A...)

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