This page has info about logic-level IGBTs that can be used on GenBoard/VerThree. Mainly for developers.

logiclevel IGBT TO220 mainly for ignition

Can we find an insulated clamped logic-level IGBT?

(not likely any insulated IGBTs :-( )

google: IGBT logic level clamp ignition

Part Number Description Datasheet
ISL9V3040P320-30A, very powerful, Traditionally used in v3 and in WebShop  
HGTP14N40F3VL hardly available
IRGB14C40L "  
HGTP14N36G3VLS similar to Jorgen's favorite, but other manufacturer
IRGB14C40L (IGBT) Vce aprox 1.2v at 7A, ContCurrent? 14A, vclamp 370-430. TO220 Ignition IGBT, $205 for 100 from digikey. available in several packages, IRGS... seems to be the same. If only it was insulated. My preferred Ignition part (Jörgen). <rich1> International Rectifier lists IRGB14C40L as being available to Hungary (all EU, I think) through Digikey, IR-Overnight, Richardson Electronics, and
Delphi IG-2055 Not much information, too high breakdown voltage.
Philips BUK856-400 IZ logiclevel, clamping 350V
STGP10NB37LZ 20A 375 V clamping TO220
STGP10N60L 600V/10A from ST (Spoerle) This is a bit high voltage for our traces. Look for lower voltage. The distributor says this should ship fast.  
MGP20N60 600V/20 MOT (Lomex: 2Euro) '''I don't see a vclamp, that would make it practically useless for ignition, even if we have 2 options designed on v3.0 to clamp:  


Unfortunately mik had problem driving this device with UGS=5V. It did not even activate his fuelpump relay (is the Motorola datasheet bad?). It worked from 10V. (what about 6V? HC259 is spec-ed to 6V). Do we misread the datasheet? Datasheet says it should definitely conduct at UGS=5V. TODO: a mail to motorola and CC: info at lomex dot hu (the distributor)

D2PAK (a bit too big) clamping IGBT

logiclevel clamping IGBT DPAK (TO-252)

google: dpak IGBT clamping

Remember: we want to go DPAK after v3.2 !

IGBT target specs: Logic Level Fully Clamped (360 .. 600V) (often called "DPAK + Diode") min 7A (10..14 preferred) (0-10 KHz is OK)

It seems clamping IGBTs are often hard to get fast. If we dig up more interchangeable types (can you help?), it gets easier.

This time we are late with the order modification.

My contact was kind enough to do some search:

The ISL parts below is VERY nice.

TO220 switcher middle pin - the output

The TO220 switcher's (IGBT / FET) middle pin is used for output. With the IGBT, it is connected to the IGBT's metallic "case" (backside). The FET (FQPF20N06L we use) has a nice electrical insulator coating that reduces the risk of shorting to the alubos case even without an insulator-sheet. The insulator-sheet between the IGBT and alubos case is a must for the IGBT (old-style mica or TO220 footprint sticker insulator can also be used instead of the big sheet, of course).

  name connected to case risk of short to case insulator-sheet recommended
FET Drain not on our nice black insulated FET low doesn't hurt
IGBTCollectoryes high absolutely a must


with the board powered off, measure with DVM (diode mode or resistor measurement) that

If either seems to be connected, there is a problem. Check that the insulator-sheet is applied correctly. (relieve the clamping screws and measure again).

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