PDA use as a datalogger

Implemented for datalogging (even with GPS) + display + config dialogs

See PdaCockpit

Its been discussed before. However I'm a staunch advocate of the PDA as a solution for datalogging, basic display and out of bounds alerting. Why?

Firstly and formostly a serial PDA is dirt cheap. I bought my last Cassiopiea for $120 (NZ, about $70US) including a full sized keyboard, modem, 64mb of CF memory and two serial cables. Hard to beat, and I know in the States and Europe they are even cheaper.

Secondly its solid state. No moving devices. No abiltiy to head crash my datalogger while taking a jump at 160kph.

Thirdly its easy to code. I'm most certainly not a programmer, I'm struggling with Java, however have already made an application to enumerate and display all serial interfaces on a device. Not hard at all, and you'll find its already been done quite a few times already.

Fourth, I've already got them sitting there!

I guess you are MembersPage/RedMist Can you edit preferences for wiki editing so your name shows up (needed every time you start using a new browser for wiki edits)? Btw, nice work with the logger specs. Thanks Marcell.

Have done so, unfortunately my security settings were killing the cookie, I've added VEMS as a trusted site, should work now.

Agreed on PDA for dedicated logger but would like to consider Windows Mobile programming with VB .Net. Please let me know how you are doing with the Java app. Thanks, Bill Hart