See [vems.hu/android] (often used with [bluetooth]) if you have an android device (even if that app looks similar, it is a separate application because android is a different system - more actively developed nowadays).

This page is for the (old) non-android PDA devices (with serial port). Old setups continue to work as earlier, but in general: android is recommended for new projects (see above).

3d Release of Vems PDA Cockpit [2007-12-21]

2nd Release of Vems PDA Cockpit [2007-09-17]

Question: Is there any chance that this program could run on Windows mobile 2003 version 4,21,1088

“Excellent work”.

Regards peter


round-gauge-screen.PNG logging-screen.PNG

First release: Cockpit on PDA


Necessary Operating System: Windows Mobile Version 5.0 OS 5.1.195


Pictures, screenshot, ini and executable files: [look here]


more efficient (new) layout:



Our hardware environment: Fujitsu Siemens Pocket LOOX N520

Suggestions by Fero:

I work with a lot of race cars. Every driver would like to use pdacockpit instead of the original stock gauges of the car. The same systems are very expensive, so pdacockpit would be a very attractive feature of VEMS. But there are some thing that we should thinking about. While driving, only very few things can be read from the display by the driver. So the display should be very informative, and very easy to read. Only few data should be on it. Here, i made a small handgraph how i'd like the display:


The main thing is the RPM bar. It's the biggest. The boost, and the Lambda bars, are also fairly easy to read. The other bars could be smaller. On the bottom is the ALS, and the LAUNCH activate control lamps are also bigger. Think about the head of the race driver! What does he need for easy driving! The colours are black and white, very easy to read. But the colours of the bars should be change at a point. For example the RPM bar should become red instead of the shiftight. Or the CLT bar should change into red when the CLT reaches 100 Celsius, etc....

Here are some links, how the others do the dash:






How about the 'Microsoft Origami project' full featured PC with 7" sunlight readable touchscreen.

Samsung et. al has introduced these kind of devices.

I am designing/building my own display software based/taking advantage on these devices possibilities. //BengtR

Sami's 2 gauge screen


Device shown is a Ramar 6027 touchscreen GPS.

Still lotsof screen real estate left:


There are some potentially useful widgets in this Industrial Controls Package:


They're available with the following license: