I had originally intended to use the Genboard V3 as my EMS. However the existing "Link EMS" caters to all my current needs and has proven very robust in the harsh environment of Off Road Racing.

I've also been on the market for a datalogger for some time, however haven't had the funds in order to purchase a complete system set to my requirements. In addition I wish to insert the datalogged data onto the end of the serial stream emitted from my current ECU.

Upon investigation, and much assistance from Richard Barrington, I've decided to re-apply myself to the Genboard project and use the Genboard V3 as a dedicated datalogger.

Its functions will be simple, collect data from a 3 axis G sensor, suspension opto position sensors, and the serial stream from the existing ECU. Then output this serial stream via the second serial port where this data will be analysed and processed by a PDA currently mounted in the centre of my steering wheel.


New Zealand