Connecting to GenBoard via a 20000 km serial cable - internet

Developers connect to other developer's boxes from time to time. Eg. from Canada to a board running in Hungary 8 timezones away.

Note that for making a base-tuning (eg. for starting an engine for the first time) one does not need such access to the board, because one can just send the config and tables files as on GenBoard/InitialConfig.

I'll try to keep a GenBoard available on network. This removes the dependency from real HW, (soldering iron etc...) for those who want to develop tuning software (maybe at work). If you feel like playing with tuning software, here is the trick (tell here if you'd like it for tuningsoftware development, tried to connect and failed: I'll try better availability than):

telnet 32001 (or 32000)

and say mcd (or Manmcd if m spits binary data, maybe someone left menu to compatibility binary 1-letter command more by typing bye. Valid commands are on GenBoard/MenuSystem

Please exit telnet after you're done with it so you don't lock the line: only one user per serial port at any time, even though the AVR is multiuser ( another independent user can use his own menu from the PS2KeyBoard?). Since speed is set to 9600, you BootLoader must be used in 9600 (but please, avoid it if possible :-).


You are encouraged to hook your GenBoard v2 or v3 to network (remove dangerous parts that can heat intensively: WBO2, sparking equipment, fuel lines :-). Easiest way is to connect to the serial port of a linux box and apt-get install ser2net package. Less advanced platforms than [Debian GNU Linux] must also have some not too complex way to set up the same.

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