The engine management firmware has quite a number of parameters, these are daunting to a newcomer, but vital if you want to extract the best performance from your engine.

[[Manual: Basics.Install.Upgrade]]

[[Manual: Detailed.General]]

See GenBoard/Manual/Tables

Config File

[[Manual: Detailed.Central.Firmware.Config]]

[[Manual: Detailed.Central.LCD.Config]]

[[Manual: Detailed.Output.EDIS.Config]]

[[Manual: Detailed.Output.Fuel.Config]]

Mik's Example files

Note that even this configuration might work for Mik, it might destroy your engine.

You must know what you are doing, that's very important.

See also GenBoard/MenuSystem for


[[Manual: Detailed.General]]


How does this relate to UsabiLity/GenBoard/WinTools ?

Got tired of doing HEX-conversions and figured, that others felt the same.

Created a small Win32 app to do it for me (Yeah, I know i'm supposed to do a nifty Perl-hack, but thought that the not-so-nerdy-ones should have a go at it too...).

Get it here:


Anyone has source, binaries, docs, author contact, etc... for it?

Decimal numbers in tables.txt

I improved bin/ so anyone can use decimal numbers and even real-world units in the tables.txt file, after



TODO: this page should be splitted to sections:

PortInjected (injection parameters)
DummyIgnition or EdisIgnition, (IgnitionPage)
WideBand, NarrowBand


Following some complete docs structure (Autronics?) would be a good idea. Mostof these are started, but unorganized. Finally all these texts will be integrated into jtune, the new experimental tuning software (so it must be splitted to individual parameters and flags)...

[[Manual: Detailed.General]]

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