PSITuner is an ongoing project to provide commercial quality tuning software for free to the VEMS community. Quality tuning software is necessary before hoping for any sort of commercial marketing initiative. If tuners like the product and find it easy to set up and use then they are more likely to recommend and sell the product.

Download the latest build 592 here:


Here is a list of features:

- Detects and communicates with the VEMS at a variety of different baudrates.

- Detects and recovers from a variety of data transmission errors.

- Detects and recovers from lost links and unexpected ECU resets

- Detects a VEMS board that is in the bootloader

- Reads and decodes the board serial number and hardware config options

- Allows flash updates of the board.

- Reads all the table sizes and the table data.

- Required firmware: 1.0.41 or later.

- Will display some of the realtime sensor data. (Untested)

  • Installation Instructions
Unzip the archive psituner.zip into it's own directory and execute. This program requires firmware 1.0.26 or later. A supported firmware image is always included in the archive.

Please report bugs to hackish on IRC or send email to michael at fastmail (yes you can erase this) dot ca

I tried to run the above verision and received a XMLRTL60.BPL missing error message. Can you make this file avialable? Bill Hart

21-01-06 Still missing error message XMLRTL60.BPLpeter jensen

  • Changes

You haven't uploaded the new version of that zip-file.

This is the old and final delphi version of PSITuner. All new developer will be on the C++ version above...


This is the delphi version Build 358. Here is what it can do:


VEMS/OtherTuningSoftware/PSITuner/DevelCode - Go here for development work in progress snapshots. Pre-Alpha testers are needed!

VEMS/SerialComm/SIPR/ is a serial interface protocol that is reliable. I am implementing this so the tuning software never has to assume its command was processed by the ECU. Instead data is sent and received in a stateless fashion using a pre-defined packet format.